Terms of Conditions (TOS)

Terms of Conditions

You might call us extra caring but we recommend all our visitors to go through our terms and conditions. This will save them landing into any kind of trouble in view of the information being displaced on Hint Mobile. We assume that doing so can not only save our visitors from technical hitches but would also allow them to use the information in an appropriate way by make you count the moments spent surfing on our website.

Target Audience and Age Bracket of Audience

All the internet users who are above 14 years of their age can use our portal HintAMobile. There is no upper age limit for the users of our website. The purpose of setting the minimum level of age limit is based that based upon the compelling effect of its effects, it might make the teenagers obsessive for certain gadgets by instigating them for a compulsive behavior. So, HintAMobile advices you to switch to another tab if you are below 14 years of age as we care for you.

Third Party Websites

As we also provide our respectable clients with the opportunity of advertising their products and services also, this might make the user of our website to get landed onto a third party website. HintAMobile speaks out loud that we do not possess any kind of association with these third party websites or products. The visitors of the websites are cautioned to stay vigilant while making any kinds of decisions while landing onto these third party websites. We expect our worthy users to give their feedback to the respective parties in a decent way.


All the content available on this portal is the intellectual property of HintAMobile and we reserve its legal proprietary rights. The utility, dissemination and reproduction of any of the contents of this portal for commercial or other is strictly prohibited. However, if individual or organization wants to quote our facts and figures than beforehand permission is required to seek provided that the name of HintAMobile is quoted as a source. We make it clear that if anybody is found guilty of using our content without prior permission than HintAMobile reserves all the rights for a legal action as per the severity.


The internal and external specifications of various gadgets including their prices, battery timings, camera resolution and other details etc. presented on this website are the generic ones. There might be difference in them as per the geographical area you are residing in. The reason for this might be the difference in telecommunication and law enforcement laws which are different from country to country. You are advised to check into the differences at your area yourself. We do not hold any responsibility for alterations within in the local markets of these smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. HintAMobile aims at giving a complete awareness on a certain gadget but the results might be different as per your demographics for which HintAMobile does not hold any responsibility.